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Student voice

Students in discussionRepresentatives meet regularly and take part in departmental and management meetings to represent the views of students throughout the year. The Student Council and other groups organise events which reflect the needs and interests of all students. The council also works closely with college staff to make Regent College a better place for students.  Student governors ensure the student voice is heard at all levels within the college and regular meetings are held witht he college's Principal

Personal supervisors support students’ involvement in college life and work with them to respond to students' needs to further improve college provision.

The college makes a commitement to ensuring the best possible experience for our learners and details of this commitment are expained in 'The Student Charter'.  This is also available to view or download on the college MiPlace site.


Your feedback

The college welcomes feedback or complaints and seeks to act on these in order to improve the quality of experience for all learners.  

Our complaints policy and procedures are also available to download and this explains the steps involved in making a complaint should this be necessary: Complaints Policy Feb 2014.

There is also dedicated e-mail address to use for feedback or complaints and emails to this will be received by an appropriate Senior Mananger: 


How does it work?

The College is split into 3 'divisions', with each having a senior manager responsible for students and provision in the area.  These are;

Attenborough:  Maths, Science, Health and Social Care, Psychology and Sport

Baxter:  English, Media, Art, Graphics, Photography, Drama, Citizenship and Extended Studies

Collett:  ICT, Business, Law, Public Services, Sociology, RS, Politics and History


Students are allocated to a division and within that division they are allocated to a personal supervisor.  Each personal supervisor's cohort elects two Tut representatives.  Each division holds meetings at least 6 times a year and all of the division's representatives are supposed to attend.


Student Council runs as part of the main college enrichment programme, usually meeting weekly and is made up of representative from across each of the divisions.  The Student Council represents all students - from all divisions and meets weekly.  The Student Council invites members of staff to its meetings as required and is often attended by the Principal or Senior Managers. 


There are also two Student Governors, with at least one as a member from the Student Council, the other Student Governor can be any student who attends the College.

Important information