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Student Code & Student Charter

The college has a 'Student Charter' in place which is a statement of our commitments to students.  There is also a 'Student Code' in place and this outlines the expectations we have of all students.


In particular we expect that all members of the college community will respect others at all time, whatever their sex, religion, language, culture, ethnicity, sexuality or abilities. Racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of discrimination and harassment therefore have no place within a community based on mutual respect. We promote and expect all members of our college community to have a commitment to the basic British Values of democracy, liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect.


The college also has in place a clear 'Disciplinary & Behaviour Policy' for students and this outline the approach the college will take to promoting and ensuring positive behaviours at all times.  

We believe that only by showing a commitment to our Student Code and the associated expectations within it will a student be able to achieve sustained success and be able to contribute appropriately and positively to the quality of life within the college community.  We uphold the law and also have our own internal rules and procedures in order to maintain our ethos and protect the rights of others.

  • We support the right of all students to use the college facilities and resources provided for them, while expecting everyone to take responsibility for supporting this right for others and sustaining a positive environment for all other current and future users.

  • We agree to listen to and respect other people‚Äôs point of view even if we do not always agree. We agree to seek resolutions to all disagreements without resorting to personal abuse, violence, hostility or the threat of violence and we expect this of all members of our comminunity.

  • We believe that courtesy, self-discipline and respect for the environment are essential to providing good working conditions in the college community and that members of the college community should respect the personal property and rights of others.

As a college catering for young adults we believe in keeping rules and regulations to a minimum. We prefer to rely on the common sense of our students in their interpretation of the above principles. There are, however, a number of specific activities which we would always regard as incompatible with our philosophy and aims, and which would therefore attract disciplinary action against offenders.


Finally, we believe in operating in a supportive and open three way partnership to promote the success and welfare of all of our students, with the key partners being the student themseves, college staff and an appropriate supporting third party, usually a parent or guardia, but alternatively another agency or nominee agreed with the Principal.