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The GB Group


The GB Group comprises some 30 independent local businesses - specialising in 30 different skills and each with a proven track record in helping other SMEs achieve their goals.

This ‘One Stop Shop’ approach makes us uniquely and ideally placed to help. Conveniently based in the East Midlands, we focus on serving SMEs primarily by word of mouth recommendations from our existing clients and customers.

The group works by a Code of Conduct  to ensure they offer the highest standards of customer care, with mechanisms in place to deal with any problems or issues. The members also spend time getting to know each other so that when help is needed from more than one of us we can work seamlessly together.


The GB Group have worked with the college successfully to implement a mentoring scheme for students interested in setting up their own business, or getting into employment. Members of the group volunteered to support students with their plans and develop their skills. The student who made the most development was awarded amazing prize of significant support to set up their own business, and this became part of the Regent College Awards Evening 2011-12.


Individual members of the GB group have also sponsored the Regent College Awards Evening, with many sponsoring student award winners and attending the event itself.


Members of the group have also volunteered time to share their expertise with groups of students to support them in their studies e.g. Business development and ICT systems.


GB Group