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Merger & Consultation

Proposals for merger with Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College


Regent College and Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth l College have worked closely together for a number of years and have a long and rich shared history serving local students across many generations.


Bringing together the strengths of our two colleges will enable us to provide a high quality inclusive sixth form education for young people in the local area, now and in the future. Therefore the governing bodies of both colleges have taken the decision to plan to merge for the academic year beginning September 2018.


The colleges have been consulting on these plans and the consultation period ended on 20th November 2017.  A report on the outcomes of this consultation will be available during January 2018 on this site.  The Governors wish to thank all those who contributed to the consulation process.


Whislt the consultation period has closed you can still download/read the full consultation document click here in order to find out more about the proposals being developed.  Students leaving year 11 in Summer 2018 should apply to the both of the colleges directly this year in order to have access to the full range of curriculum options.



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