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Careers Convention a huge success

Careers Convention

Regent College held its joint annual Careers Convention with QE college in April.

25 Exhibitors attended representing careers areas such as Apprenticeships,  Engineering, Finance, Health and Gap years opportunities, and more.

Saroj Harrar, Careers Co-ordinator, said "In the current economic climate students must be savvy and do their own research to ensure they are aware of all the opportunities available to them so that they can fulfill their potential.  Navigating their choices such as do they get a job, an apprenticeship, take a gap year or pay fees for their university degree are all overwhelming choices.  Our Careers Convention gives student a unique opportunity to speak to people in industry who can offer invaluable advice on routes into a successful career direction. With top employers present such as Deloitte, Caterpillar, Pick Everard and more who offer fantastic opportunities in their college leaver programs our students are able to access information that will help them make the right decision for them.


Mahamed Ali, first year QE student, said the Careers Convention "Was a useful experience for me. I found out lots of information and was given advice that will help me in the future. The employers told us exactly what they like to see in their recruits and this information gives you an edge over fellow competitors for work."


Rahoul Naik, also a first year QE student,  felt "I learnt a lot from the wide variety of employers and training firms that were present.  Although, I still want go to university, the options available to me are now allot wider and I feel I have a lot to consider before making my final decision. On top of this I am now aware of volunteering opportunities in other countries, which is something I have been interested in but I have never really found out information about it but the Careers Convention has created that dialogue for me. The Careers Convention has also opened up the prospect for me to have a gap year and volunteer and travel or gain experience in the working world which is always helpful when applying for jobs."


Feedback from exhibitor  Sandra Kazembe, from the NHS, said "I enjoyed talking to the students.  They were all polite and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say."


Janet Hopkins, from Lawson West Solicitors, said "Thank you for asking us again.  As usual it was most enjoyable!  I hope we have created some eager solicitors out there!"


Regent College student Kajal Grant-Hindocha added: "I definitely enjoyed the careers convention! It was great to learn about the different opportunities we have available to us after we leave college. I was able to go to a talk that the company Frontier put on, and it was interesting to find out the wide variety of places you can volunteer! If I hadn't gone I wouldn't have known that next summer I'd be going to Kenya on a journalism trip, and helping out with a local newspaper. I hope Regent and QE join up to do events like this in the future."


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