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Regent Space team students meet Liz Kendall MP

space centre 

Students from Regent College met a special guest this week, when Liz Kendall MP was in the area to find out more about their participation in the International Space Olympics competition.

The two students from Regent College, Marek Michal and Niraj Rohit, are part of a 21 strong team of students flying to Korolev, near Moscow, Russia, to compete in the competition next week.

Regent College and Aimhigher Leicester City and Leicestershire - the organisation leading the trip - invited Liz Kendall MP to attend a presentation evening at the National Space Centre, after she supported Marek with his Visa application for the forthcoming trip to Russia. Liz Kendall found out more about the trip that is designed to stretch and challenge the brightest Maths and Physics students, and also encourage wider participation in higher education among students who have the ability to reach university, but lack the confidence or knowledge to consider it as a possible option.

Liz Kendall MP was given a brief tour of the National Space Centre and she then had the opportunity to speak to students about the competition in Russia and find out more about their plans and ambitions for the future.

Neil Stock, Area Co-ordinator for Aimhigher Leicester City and Leicestershire, said: "We would like to thank Liz Kendall MP for coming to meet the students, as it allowed the team to show off the great preparation they have done over the past few months in anticipation of this once in a lifetime trip to Russia, and for Liz Kendall MP to listen to the student's views about education and going onto university."

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