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Teens get kicks out of comedy

3 students in a sketch

7th February 2011

A group of Drama students from Regent College, in Leicester, put their comedy skills to the test during their first ever stand up performance, as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival.


The Teenage Kicks sketch show involved over 30 A level Drama students, and BTEC Performing Arts students from the college. The students had to produce, promote and perform in the show, as part of their course assessment, which took place at Regent College on Wednesday 9th February at 7pm.


The young comedians have been working with fast paced, E4 and BBC3, comedy foursome, Idiots of Ants - their show at the Edinburgh Festival was a sell out in 2007 and they have been touring the UK and Canada ever since - to develop their own brand of humour.


The comedians offered to work with the students after performing at the college during the comedy festival in 2008. The Idiots led a workshop with the students before Christmas and had a final session with the students the day before their show.


Abdel, 17, from Oadby, said: "The Idiots of Ants came to work with us at The Curve theatre, I was really inspired to do comedy. We learned about humour – how being yourself, in an exaggerated way, can be funny. They gave us the chance to express ourselves."


Louis, 16, Beaumont Leys, said: " In class we have been learning about how to put on a show, promote it and sell tickets. I realized early on that I could easily sell tickets for the show – because I am also going to be in it!"


The show is also part of the Make Me Happy programme supported by John Lewis Leicester, a project that encourages local schools, colleges and community groups to adopt comedians to help bring laughter to young people.


Holly, 16, from Fosse, said: "It was difficult to start planning our show, now I am looking forward to it, a lot of our inspiration came from celebrities, watching TV shows and looking at celebrity magazines. Working with the Idiots of Ants was a great experience, they thought we were funny so it was really good to have the professionals laughing at us, rather than us laughing at them."


Sarah Oldfield, course leader at Regent College, said: "The college has been working in partnership with the Comedy Festival to host events for a number of years now, but this is only the second time that our students have been responsible for devising and performing a professional show of their own as part of their course. Some of the students chose to perform and others are involved in running the event as part of their assignment it will be a really valuable experience for them."


"The Ants have really helped to inspire the students - they are like a young persons Monty Python - maybe some of our students will go on to be stars of the future!"

Dannie, 17, from Mowmacre Hill, said: "I don't mind being in front of a live audience but this is the first time I have ever done stand-up comedy so I know I'll be nervous. I've decided to base it on my personal experiences so I hope it will make people laugh."


The Idiots of Ants delivered their own funny, unique brand of comedy, at Regent College on Wednesday 9th February 2011.

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