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Leicester Law Court visit

law court trip

22nd & 23rd June 2011

A level and BTEC Law students visited Leicester Crown Court to see the law in action today. The group of students were taken on a tour of the court and attended a question and answer session with a judge. They then observed real cases, including trials and preliminary hearings.

During the trip, the students found out what it means to be a judge, and had the opportunity to see legal professionals in action. They met lawyers and other court personnel, and had a first-hand opportunity to explore the profession routes open to those interested in pursuing a career in law.
The trip was organised by Hannah Paling, Law teacher at Regent College, through a link with the Court Clerk at Leicester Crown Court. Hannah said: “The Regent College Law Department has an excellent relationship with the clerk and the court and annual visits have been conducted for many years.”



Student Mohammed Joheb Ali, was asked about the prosecuting barrister in the case that the students watched. He said:
“She used a lot of interrogation techniques and she is someone that I look up to as I am planning to become a barrister. She was clear-cut in the way she asked questions and she really knew what she was doing. You could tell that she had been working on the case for a while. You could tell that she made the  people in the witness box nervous and that she delivered some good arguments to support her case. She was such a professional. I would like to become a barrister and work the way that she did.”

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