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'Pass it on' - A Lifesaving Campaign

Pass it on banner


Regent College has a long standing commitment in support of the Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign and continues to host donor recruitment drives and awareness events. 

This time though it will be as the penultimate organisation in the month long ‘Pass it on’ campaign and running with the support of 31 other businesses and community groups in the month of September, one on each day of the month.  The aim is to pass on the vital and lifesaving message, that it’s easy to donate your stem cells!  

Regent has run annual events for the campaign and was the first local college to join as a host Centre in 2013.  Since then the college has provided over 600 commitments to the register and run annual events. 

We are delighted to be one of the chosen organistations in Rik Basras latest phase of campaigning and look forward to adding yet more commitments to the register.

If you are aged 16-30 and in good health you can join the Anthony Nolan register at For more information of how to get involved in the #PassItOnLeicester campaign go to

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