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Enrichment activities


College life is about much more than your formal studies.Football Team


Make the most of YOUR time at Regent College... GET INVOLVED!!

Opportunities include:

Film viewings

Video game reviewing

Amnesty International

Student council

Sketch club

Book club

Sports & Recreation

Regent College has a new full sized sports hall, gym, high specification laser levelled and drained football pitch and modernised changing facilities.


We currently offer:

- Tennis courts

- Football and cricket pitches

- A specialist weight room

 Sports Enrichment also includes activities in:

- Futsal

- Table Tennis

- Gym

- Badminton

- Cricket

Trained by specialist sports co-ordinators you can takepart in a variety of college team activities or individual sports including:

- Football

- Basketball

- Cricket

- Rugby

- Badminton

- Tennis

Students have their say

The Big Debate

Regent College students get the opportunity to have their say and debate the big issues of our times in regular ‘Soapbox’ sessions.

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Topics discussed since September last year have included female circumcision, knife crime, homicide and the death penalty, to women and their role in the environment. Each session involves a guest speaker, students then have a chance to voice their opinions, ask questions and debate the issue.
Guest speakers have included Penny Poyzer ‘green’ author and broadcaster,  Ken Lowells from Amnesty International and PC Harvey from Leicestershire Constabulary.
Sima Jadav, a Learning Mentor at Regent,  organises Soapbox with colleague, Jess. They said students have found Soapbox sessions interesting, an eye-opener and factual. A Law student said: “ Its good to be able to voice my personal opinions and debate the topics with my friends.”


Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Regent College is able to facilitate students to gain their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. Whether you have gained your Bronze Level, or not, you will be coached and taught appropriate camp craft and expedition skills to achieve your award and signpost to voluntary organisations and activity providers to gain your qualification.


Sports Ambassadors wanted


Sports Ambassadors will become a key part of the student voice within the college. They will help to spread the word on all things sporting and health, and will be active in the promotion and recruitment of students to the Regent College Sports timetable.

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Sports Ambassadors will be actively involved in competitive sports or regularly participate in the college's programme of physical activity. They will act as role models for other students.

Links will be created for Sports Ambassadors to have regular communication with the Student Council to ensure all activities are publicised around the college.

Sports Ambassadors will encourage participation from students who do not possess the same confidence as they do themselves, helping to make sport accessible to all and ensure even the quietest voice has a chance to be heard.

Sports Ambassadors will play an active role in coaching and mentoring other students and will get opportunities to test these skills out in the wider community. 

Contact Pete in B19 or e-mail him on

Coaching kicks off success



Three students from Regent College recently qualified as FA Level 1 approved coaches.

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 Jeton Neziri, Shahbaz Bhim and Usama Hassan were amongst 20 students from the Inner City Colleges and the University of Leicester who are taking part in a Football Coaching in the Community project.  The project is funded by the Football Foundation and will see these students coaching in local schools as part of their voluntary placements.
Sports Co-ordinator Rob Lewin also organises cricket leagues, five a side football and a street dance course to encourage Regent College students to get active. The Regent College street dance team  are also celebrating winning 2nd place  in a recent competition to find Leicester's best dance crew.

Congress to Campus

A2 Government and Politics students put professors and politicians on the spot at DMU's Congress to Campus event.


There were five sessions on US politics, each led by an expert in the field. Connie Morella and Bob Carr, two ex-members of Congress (the US version of Parliament) gave some real-life insight.Read More

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Space team success in Russia

17 1 russian students


Six students are celebrating their success after a once in a lifetime trip to Russia to compete in the International Space Olympics.

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