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Students take to the skies to raise money for Sarcoma UK

Skydive David Yates and Kat Middleton


Students David Yates, 20, and Katrina Middleton  took to the skies on in May to raise money for Sarcoma UK. As part of creating awareness and money for Sarcoma UK the students jumped out of the aeroplane at 13,000 ft and did a parachute jump.

David, who lost his mum to Sarcoma last year said "Sarcoma is a cancer that not many people know about, it effects connective and supporting tissues. I lost my mum last year after a long battle with Sarcoma; once diagnosed with Sarcoma my mum worked hard with the charity to raise awareness and money, now my mum has gone I am taking part in a sponsored skydive to continue the hard work my mum did.”


David’s friend Katrina decided to support her friend in this worthwhile cause; Katrina,19,  who has never been on a plane before said “I began to realise that Sarcoma is not really a cancer that many people know about, so I wanted to support David and his passion to raise money and awareness for Sarcoma UK.”


So far they have both raised over £1600; if you would like to make a donation:


Kat and David